Our production plant and administrative offices are located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Our know-how and our infrastructure allow us to offer a wide range of services to meet the requirements of our customers.

We have devoted to the preparation of solid pharmaceuticals products to Human Medicine, Veterinary and Dietary Supplements fields.


An organization is likely to grow when it has people able to communicate, work together and find a common goal.

In Donato Zurlo (DZ) we believe that human capital is the most important asset of the company. Today, all companies have access to technology and information, however only those companies that have trained staff will make an effective use of them.

DZ through its Human Capital expects to streamline the systems and processes to achieve cost reduction, improve productivity, and achieve the goals and objectives that drive business performance and ensure its market position.

Considering this, we have a Human Resources policy in which the process of continuous training, teamwork and good working environment are the pillars on which our human group moves together with the Company.


From DZ, we have a wide commitment to the care and protection of the Environment. We comply with the current rules for the management of waste resulting from our production processes.


In DZ we are in constant movement to enhance our plant. Thanks to the originality and innovation of our projects we gained the support of government institutions both nationally and in Buenos Aires.

  • Argentinean Technology Fund (FONTAR)

    1999 Tax Credit / 2003 Tax Credit / ANR 2004 / 2010 Tax Credit / 2014 Tax Credit (in progress)

  • The National Development Fund for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (FONAPyME)

    FONAPyME 2012

  • Government of the City of Buenos Aires – Undersecretary of Industrial Development

    PROAMPRO 2001 / PROAMPRO 2004 / PROMECO 2006

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