Our human capital together with our facilities and equipment provide us with the right flexibility to contribute to the value chain of our customers.

    • Technological Development and Transfer
    • Pilot Batches and Scale-up
    • Fractioning and Weighing
    • Granulation
    • Mixture
    • Encapsulation
    • Compression
    • Tableting and Coating Methods
    • Pellets
    • Blister primary packaging
    • Bottles primary packaging
    • Secondary packaging

    In DZ we have Quality Control Laboratories and Microbiology fully equipped and prepared to meet our internal needs as well as that of our clients in the event that they require it.

    • Physical and Chemical Testing
    • Microbiological Testing
    • Natural stability Testing
    • Process Control

    In DZ we have an experienced Quality Assurance Department that gives reliability to the services we provide to our customers.
    Our Quality Assurance Department allows us to ensure that:

    • the processes are performed according to GMP
    • our equipment, systems and processes are qualified/validated
    • complete and available records of all our activities are kept
    • our personnel is technical and scientifically qualified and updated
    • periodic internal audits are conducted to our departments and our customers can monitor the manufacturing and they can permanently make the audits themselves
    • our suppliers are qualified and the materials we use meet pre-established specifications
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